We at PHCC are a group of health enthusiasts who believe in health without the need for too many medicines. Under the able guidance of Dr. Nidhi Agarwal, we are confident to bring this change in the world around us. Dr. Nidhi is a qualified doctor with the knowledge of the entire medicinal field which empowers her to foresee the benefits of different treatments helping her to pick the best treatments for her patient. She also makes them feel confident about the idea of shifting to a healthier lifestyle. This is the very reason PHCC in all these years have seen the crowd from different nationalities and different social structure.

The motto, Reviving Vitality Holistically, signifies the efforts taken by PHCC not only through the homeopathic treatment but also through effort taken to change the lifestyle of its patients. PHCC does this with the help of diet plans, yoga, meditation, and counseling. Along with this mentorship for any physical or mental block that is keeping you away from a healthy life.


Our vision is a no medicinal life; a state where a person can defend all the infections with his own immune system without any external assistance.


Our mission towards our patients is, stay fit and stay happy.

To get best Counselling for Physical, Mental and Social issues

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The diet plan is one of the flagship services of PHCC. Here we don’t, provide a list of things that you should eat for good health. Instead, we provide a complete diet plan with all the things that you can prepare in the comfort of your home.

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Wellness Workshop

We believe that regardless of our age we learn every day. We at PHCC wish to enhance and able this learning through our workshops by reaching out to as many people as we can. We have conducted workshops for young toddlers with their mothers at Little Millennium school and followed it by summer camp for teens and youngsters in Amanora Aspire Summer camps.

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Dr. Nidhi a certified Psychotherapist believes that the root of most of the diseases is an unhappy brain. Hence, on her glorious path towards treating people, she readily took psychotherapy as one of her many studies and gained certification.

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Our Team

The founder at PHCC, Dr Nidhi is on her mission of making her patients effectively use their own immune system to combat their health issue. Also help them shift to a healthier lifestyle. She along with her able team have helped thousands of patients to overcome their illness with proper exercise, right food, a happy state of mind and just a few medicines. With years of experience and with her wealth of knowledge regarding all the medicinal fields gives her a unique ability to foresee the best treatment, physical or mental, for her patient.


She has more than 15 years of experience of Ayurvedic practice in India and USA. As Ayurvedic practitioner her focus is always on treating challenging and chronic medical problems like LVH , hypertension, fatty Liver, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, and alopecia through Shirodhara, nutrition and Yoga .Through her research studies on herbs she has formulated effective products which promotes hair and skin health and are used for treatment at PHCC.


Sangeeta is a harbinger of Wellness to corporate, society, educational institute, individuals for enriching and reviving mind body and soul holistically. She is passionate about Wellness and Fitness. She is the Coordinator for all workshops and portfolio management of PHCC. A benefitted patient wishes to inculcate the same wellness dogmas to all around through PHCC workshops.

SANGEETA DG, Coordinator For PHCC Corporate Soft Skills Trainer Quality Analyst Food Blogger And School Blogger BA, MBA

Utkarsh is a fitness enthusiast and the chief strategist for PHCC. He provides strategies and innovative ideas for the growth of PHCC. He has been handling the fitness challenges and other programs run by PHCC all across the globe!